How do I manually create an order within ShipStation?

In ShipStation, you don’t necessarily have to have an order import to create a shipment and ship out your packages. All you need to do is create a manual order using the New Order feature. 

From the Orders tab, simply click on the New Order button. 

A window will pop up to create your manual order. Fill in all necessary information for the shipment, and click Save Order or Save and Create Another. With that, you’ve created a new shipment, and can now create a label without having to have an order imported from one of your stores! 

There are a few things on the order that cannot be changed after creating, so if they are important for your order, be sure to include them when you’re creating the order. Here are a few tips on this:
-    Be sure the order is in the correct manual store, ShipStation cannot edit the store after order creation. 
-    Add the Order Total if total cost is something you need on the order. 
-    Be sure to add items, particularly if this is an international shipment. 

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