What is the calculator?

Along the toolbar at the top, you may have noticed the small Rate Calculator button. This is a useful tool that can be used in different ways throughout the app.

Sometimes, you may need help deciding on the best carrier or service for shipping your orders. That’s exactly what the Calculator is meant for. Once you click the Calculator icon in the top center of the app, you’ll see a Rate Calculator window.

Now that the Rate Calculator's open, enter relevant information about your shipment. Your default options are:

  • Postal Codes for the Ship From & Ship To Addresses
  • Residential vs. Commercial for the Ship To Address
  • Shipping Confirmation Type
  • Package Type, Weight, and Dimensions
  • Service Class (Basically, the type or speed of service)

When you're ready, just click Get Rates and you’ll see the carriers, service types, estimated delivery times from the carrier (if available), and rate quotes.

With this tool, it's easier to navigate your available choices and zero in on a good fit for a particular order!

You can also use the Rate Calculator while you are working on your orders. You can select an order and click the Calc button in the Order Sidebar to push the information from the order into the Rate Calculator's fields. 

Clicking on a rate in the Rate Calculator will push that service combination to the order.

Notice that the $9.65 rate from the Rate Calculator has been pushed into the order:



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