How do I generate a UPS High Value Report?

When shipping carrier-insured packages with UPS that are valued greater than or equal to $1,000, you will be requested to print a High Value Report. This document serves as proof that UPS has picked up your high value shipment. Two copies of this receipt must be printed along with your label(s).

Please provide one copy to UPS and ensure the other copy is signed by the UPS Driver or a UPS Customer Center representative and returned to you. The signed copy of this receipt is your proof that UPS has accepted the package(s), and this report will be required to submit a claim should anything happen.

To print a High Value Report for a shipment, navigate to the Shipments tab. Here you will see a small PDF icon next to the order:

Once you click on the PDF icon, you will be able to print your High Value Report. Here is a sample of the document:

Please note that if you ship multiple packages for an order, High Value Reports will only be generated for the individual packages, with a declared value of $1000 or more.
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