How do I use ShipStation to ship to a military or diplomatic (APO/FPO/DPO) address?

ShipStation can ship to military and diplomatic addresses like APO/FPO/DPO etc. However, ShipStation is limited to the restrictions laid out by the individual carriers. For example, UPS does not accept military addresses. With FedEx, you can use their SmartPost Service to Ship to military addresses.

USPS supports delivery to military addresses, though they have certain restrictions and addressing tips that are useful when filling out order information for USPS orders going to a military address. Additionally, some services (like Delivery Confirmation) may not be available.

Formatting guidelines for Military Address in ShipStation:

  1. Write out the service member's rank and full name in the name field. Also, be sure to include their unit & box on Address Line 1.
  2. The city field will need to be one of the abbreviations set forth by the Military:
    • APO: Army Post Office
    • FPO: Fleet Post Office
    • DPO: Diplomatic Post Office
  3. The Region field for your order needs to be assigned a “state code,” which is categorized by the following abbreviations:
    • AA: Armed Forces Central and South Americas (Armed Forces Americas)
    • AP: Armed Forces Pacific
    • AE: Armed Forces Europe (including-Canada, Middle East, and Africa)
  4. Set the country as the United States, as these address are considered part of the U.S.-- Here's a screenshot of how this should be formatted within ShipStation: 

    Please note that ShipStation does not support International return labels. While ShipStation can create outgoing shipping labels to these military and diplomatic addresses, these addresses will always be considered International addresses for returns purposes.


Military Shipments and DHL Global Mail

Since these military addresses are considered domestic for outgoing shipments, you cannot process these shipments through a direct DHL Global Mail integration, since these can only create labels for international shipments. However, you can process these types of Shipments through Endicia's integration of DHL Global Mail for domestic services. 

The services available with DHL Global Mail domestic through Endicia are: DHL GM Parcel Expedited, DHL GM Parcel Plus Expedited, DHL GM Parcel Ground, and DHL GM Parcel Plus Ground. 

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