How do I fix errors on batches?

When you are creating a label batch, you may be presented with an error before or after confirming the service. These errors will vary based on the information input about the shipment. 

To resolve the errors, click on the blue order number and you’ll be taken to the order details pop-up. Once you’ve edited the details to resolve the error, hit Close. This will bring you back and once the errors clear, you’ll be shown the shipping service confirmation.

Other times, your batch may encounter an error during processing. To review and resolve this, go to the Shipments tab and the Batches page on the side bar. You can see errors under the column “errors.” Just click the order number here, and click on “1 Failed,” then you can view the failed order and why there was an error.

Click on the order number to be taken to the order details page and make any necessary changes to resolve the error. Close the page and select Retry Failed Steps.
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