How can I use batches to help process my orders?

Batches are a great way to streamline your workflow in ShipStation. You can create up to 5 open batches at a time, and work while one batch is running in the background. ShipStation keeps this organized for you.

Create a Batch

There are a two ways to create a batch. You can create one on the fly at the bottom of the left hand sidebar, or you can create the batch after selecting orders. The batches will stay at the bottom left of the screen until they are completed. You can have up to 5 open batches per user.

Select the orders you would like to put in a batch, and just click Add to Batch and select an existing batch or create a new batch.

You can also drag & drop the orders from your list of orders to the area in the bottom left corner of the screen.

If you attempt to add an order to a batch that may already be in another batch, you will get prompted to move the order. ShipStation will save you from any duplicate orders by only allowing an order to be in one batch at a time.

You can choose to move the order to the new batch, or leave it where it is. 

Cancel a Batch

If you need to cancel a batch, just click on that batch from the side bar, and hit the Cancel Batch button. This returns the orders to Awaiting Shipment. 

Process a Batch

When you are ready to process your batch, select the batch number from the sidebar. You will see all of your orders in this batch. On the Actions bar, you have the option to print any documents like pick lists or packing slips, cancel, remove orders, and finally, Process Batch.

Once you select Process Batch, a screen will show monitoring the batch’s progress. You can close this window and the batch will work in the background.


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