How can I automatically create a return label with my shipment?

In ShipStation, you have the ability to create USPS, Canada Post, FedEx, and UPS return labels to accompany your shipping labels. This is helpful if you know your customers are likely to return merchandise, or if it's just a standard part of your business process. Keep in mind that return labels do count toward your ShipStation monthly shipment limit, even if the labels aren't used to return anything.

On a per-order basis, you are able to click an order's number to open up the Order Details pop-up. Under the Other Shipping Options section, there is a checkbox selector for "Include a return label with the outgoing shipping label."

Once the box is checked, you'll be prompted to specify a carrier, service, and package type. If you leave those fields in the "Select" mode, the outgoing carrier, service, and package type will be used for the return label.

Generally speaking, it's okay to use different carriers/services/packages for your outgoing labels and automatic return labels. However, if you want to use or Express 1 for your automatic return labels, then you must use those same services for your outgoing labels and leave the automatic return label fields in the "Select" mode as shown in the screenshot above.

When you ship the order, a return label will accompany the outgoing shipping label. In contrast to our standard method of creating a return label, this process cannot email a PDF copy of the return label to the recipient.

Please note that some carriers charge fees for return labels whether or not they are used. These charges will not be reflected in the rate quoted for the outgoing shipping label. Please reach out to your carrier for specific details.

The box that controls this feature can be checked in bulk by applying Bulk Actions to orders that you select on the Orders page.

You're also able to create an automation rule to check that box for future orders as they import into ShipStation. You can apply the rule to all of your orders, or a specific subset. If you do a lot of International shipping, you may want to restrict this to domestic shipments only, as ShipStation only supports domestic return labels. Simply visit Account Settings (the gear icon in the top right) > Automation Automation Rules, and then Create a Rule to get started!

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