How do I create shipping labels for my orders?

ShipStation is all about the labels, and we have a lot of different ways to create them. There are multiple places to create labels so that we can fit into any workflow you want! This article will go over all areas, and you’ll find as you start working that some work best for your work flow than others. 

To create any label, you’ll need to be sure to have your Ship From Location set up and selected as well as a service, weight and package type selected for the order.

Create Labels from the Sidebar and Get Rates

You can adjust shipping easily, and generate rates right in the sidebar. You even can send an order to the calculator if you’d like to see multiple rates and services. 


Once it’s ready, you can get a rate, and then create your label. 

Create Labels from the Action Bar

You can select orders with their checkboxes, and click Create Label along the top of the Orders Page. This is similar to the sidebar, and both can create a batch on-the-fly if you select multiple labels, or you can print single labels this way quickly. 


You’ll need to have shipping services set up already, or you can apply them in bulk on the order sidebar.


Create Labels from Order Details 

You can select an order and pull up the Order Details. Here, you’ll see shipping information you can adjust, and create an individual label at the top of the order window. 


Label Batches 

You may notice “Add to Batch” and “Batch” near Create Label. Batches allow you to organize shipments into a single group called a “Batch” that process together as a single transaction. You can have up to 5 of these per user, and they can be a really efficient way to stay organized. Here's a collection of articles on how to use batches and why. 

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