How do I enable my UPS account for negotiated rates?

You don't need to enable UPS negotiated rates in ShipStation, since UPS will always charge you according to the terms of your contract with with them, no matter what the rate says in ShipStation.

That being said, it's easy to see your UPS negotiated rates within ShipStation. Simply include information from your most recent UPS invoice when your register your UPS account within the app. You can download a PDF of your most recent invoice while you're logged into the UPS website, or from your email (since UPS usually emails you a copy).

You need the following info from your most recent UPS invoice (typically no more than 2 weeks old):

  • Invoice Number 
  • Invoice Date 
  • Invoice Amount 
  • Control ID

If you haven't gotten an invoice yet, you'll need to wait until you get one. Here's a sample invoice that indicates where to find everything on it:

With your invoice handy, it's time to register your UPS account to ShipStation.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Shipping and then Carriers & Fulfillment from the sidebar on the left.

To add your UPS account and enable your rates, click Add a Provider Account and select UPS. Continue through the UPS registration wizard, enter your account information, then select the check box next to "I have negotiated rates with UPS."

Now click Next and enter information from your invoice.

Type the Invoice Number, Invoice Date, and Control ID exactly as they appears on your invoice, character for character. But for the Invoice Total, leave out the dollar sign ($) and leave out any commas (,). 

Once you enter invoice information and complete the UPS registration process, be sure your UPS account type is set to Daily Pickup to sync your negotiated rates. 

This will enable the negotiated rates on your account! 

If your UPS account has already been registered in ShipStation, head to the Carriers & Fulfillment page. Negotiated rates can be enabled by clicking Edit for your UPS account.

On the popup, click Enable Negotiated Rates.

In the dropdown that appears, fill in the appropriate information from your UPS invoice.

Click Confirm, and your negotiated rates will be transmitted! 

If you have any issues with this process, simply reach out to our support team with a phone number and a good time to call you. You will need to have the following information from your most recent invoice from the past 30 days:

  • Invoice Number 
  • Invoice Date 
  • Invoice Amount 
  • Control ID

In order to protect the security of your UPS account, do not send this data to us. We will need you to enter it during the phone call.

NOTE: The rate you see in ShipStation for UPS shipments is provided directly from UPS based on your account information and the parameters of your shipment. However it is still an estimate, and you will always be charged according to the terms of your contract. In addition, UPS reserves the right to add on additional fees.

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