How do I enable Saturday Delivery for an order?

Saturday Delivery rates are handled a bit differently than a "regular" shipping method because they're technically classified as Value-Added Services. This means that if you know and want your shipment to be delivered on a Saturday when it would not normally be available, you can pay extra to have UPS or FedEx deliver that package on Saturday.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about Saturday Delivery is, other than the additional surcharge for your postage, is that the fee will be charged no matter if the package ends up being delivered on Saturday or not. Thus, you must be aware of the time table by which to send your package for Saturday Delivery rates to apply.

Additionally, Saturday Delivery is only available for certain services via UPS and FedEx, so make sure that your selected service supports the Saturday Delivery rate. Also, make sure to double-check the ship date of the package to be certain it is correct.

To enable Saturday Delivery for a shipment, simply open the Order Details pop-up for an order, and look for the Other Shipping Options section. Here, check the box next to "Saturday Delivery." This option will only show on FedEx and UPS shipments. 

You can also apply this setting to many orders using a Bulk Action. You can find this along the Actions bar at the top of the Orders. 

Select to "Enable Saturday Delivery" and click Confirm. This will apply Saturday delivery instantly to all selected orders. 

To find out more information about UPS's offerings for Saturday Delivery, you can find it here.

For more information on FedEx's offerings for Saturday Delivery, you can find it here.
Please review the terms, conditions, and pricing on the FedEx or UPS websites for details. ShipStation is not responsible for additional fees you may be required to pay by using this optional service. The rate you are quoted may be less than the final fee that you are charged by the carrier.

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