How can I add UPS Mail Innovations (UPS MI) to my account?

It's easy to add UPS Mail Innovations support to your ShipStation account!

You'll need to make sure you are already using our standard UPS integration. If you're having trouble adding your UPS account, please check out this article

If you already have your UPS account added. 

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Shipping and then Carriers & Fulfillment from the sidebar on the left.

Then, click on the Edit link associated with your UPS integration. Once you do that, you'll see a dialog box like the one below: 

Check the box to "Enable Consolidation Services (Mail Innovations)." Then choose a MI Endorsement option from the drop down menu and enter your MI Cost Center. Once entered, click Confirm. ​If you are not sure which values to enter, please contact your UPS Mail Innovations account manager here.

Once registered, after you select UPS as the carrier for an order, UPS Mail Innovations service and package types will appear as options. Here's an example of what that looks like for an international shipment: 


Here is a list of all possible UPS Mail Innovations services and package types:

  UPS MI Domestic UPS MI International
  • Expedited Mail Innovations
  • Mail Innovations - First Class
  • Mail Innovations - Priority
  • Priority Mail Innovations
  • Economy Mail Innovations
Package Types
  • MI - Irregulars (< 1 lb)
  • MI - Parcel Post (> 1 lb)
  • MI - Machinables
  • MI - MI - Priority (< 1 lb)
  • MI - First Class
  • MI - BPM Parcel
  • MI - Media Mail
  • MI - BPM Flat
  • MI - Standard Flat
  • MI Int'l - Flats
  • MI Int'l - Parcels
  • MI Int'l - BPM

 Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding UPS Mail Innovations:

  • ​UPS MI shipping rates are not available through the UPS API. The actual rate for shipment will appear on your bill from UPS.
  • UPS MI supports e-VS (Electronic Verification System) shipping through the UPS API. You will see "eVS" above the USPS barcode on domestic shipping labels as confirmation that the label supports e-VS. International shipments through UPS do not show eVS though, as UPS does not use that feature to move packages internationally.
  • Label logos appear on domestic UPS MI labels, though not international labels.
  • UPS MI only supports up to 1 line item on the integrated customs form and label (CN22). 
  • Label messages are not available for UPS MI labels.
  • You do not need an End of Day form for UPS MI; we will automatically send your shipment's information just like we do for regular UPS shipments.
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