How do I add my Unishippers account to ShipStation?

In order to get your Unishippers account integrated with ShipStation, make sure your UPS account has been registered.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Shipping and then Carriers & Fulfillment from the sidebar on the left.

Click Add a Provider Account.

Find the UPS logo and select it to add your UPS account. 

You will need to enter your invoice information in order to continue registering unless you have not received an invoice in the last 90 days. If you do not know where to find your invoice information, please contact your Unishippers FRS rep to obtain the information. 

*Please be sure to NOT to select "I have Negotiated Rates with UPS" during the UPS Registration process.* You will be accessing your Negotiated rates through your Unishippers account. If you added your account with Negotiated Rates in the UPS Registration process, you will need to remove the UPS account from ShipStation and re-add it without enabling the Negotiated Rates.

Once you have your UPS account registered within ShipStation, you can now integrate your Unishippers account to setup your Negotiated Rates. First, you will need the following information from your Unishippers account:

Unishippers Customer Number
Your contact phone number on Unishippers record (ten digits)
Your contact email address on Unishippers record

To add your Unishippers account to ShipStation, click here to start your Rate Request Signup. You must fill out the Rate Request Signup to integrate your Unishippers account with ShipStation.

You will need to create a User Name and Password. However, the Unishippers information should be consistent with your Unishippers account. Once you have filled out the form, please click Submit to complete the request.

*Please note that the password has an 8 character limit.

Once this form has been successfully submitted, you should see a message across the top of the screen that says "User Successfully Created".

Then, navigate here and enter your Customer Number along with the Username and Password created in the Rate Request Signup form.

Once the credentials are entered, please select Update Unishippers Credentials to complete the integration.

You should see the message "Success! Your Unishippers integration settings have been updated."

Congratulations, you’re done! You can now ship your orders in ShipStation using your Unishippers account's rates. Please keep this Pricelink account information handy, as you will need it if you ever have to remove and reintegrate your UPS account.  However, if you do lose track of this Pricelink account information, simply contact your Unishippers franchise to retrieve it.

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