Why am I getting the error "Commodity is required" for my FedEx shipment?

When shipping internationally with FedEx, you may receive the following error when trying to create a label:

"FedEx: Commodity 1 - Commodity is required"

FedEx's systems are very sensitive about which types of information can be submitted for customs declarations. FedEx is returning this error because there's an invalid character that is breaking the declaration, and causing their systems to think that one or more of your declarations descriptions is blank. You might also see a similar error for your second, third, or fourth customs line item. (Please note that if you're seeing an "Incomplete commodity description" error, please check out this article instead.)

In order to resolve this error, you'll need to edit your customs declaration to remove special characters. For example, replace the percent sign (%) with the word 'percent,' and replace curly quotes/apostrophes (Luke’s) with straight quotes/apostrophes (Luke's).

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