How can I find more information about my shipment warnings and errors?

As you ship orders in ShipStation, sometimes their related records on the Shipments tab indicate warnings or errors related to the processes that come after the shipping labels are processed.

Under the Shipments tab's "Notifications" column, you'll see a few icons related to follow-up tasks such as:

  • Notifying the selling channel of the tracking information
  • Emailing the customer that their order has shipped
  • Emailing the customer that their shipment's tracking number indicates a "Delivered" status 

 Ideally those icons will be green because they've been successful, or gray because they've been skipped (according to your settings). But if the icons are red-- there's been a problem. Hover over the red-colored icon or click it for more information, as shown in the image below:

Notice that the shipping label always shows a green check to indicate that the label generate successfully and is okay to use; however, there are plenty of reasons that follow-up processes might show an error or warning. For example, Amazon throttles notifications after certain limits are reached, and our email provider can't email an invalid address.

If an error or warning isn't self-explanatory, and if the Retry Failed Steps button (shown in the image above) doesn't clear the error, please reach out to our support team for guidance.

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