What's the difference between re-printing a shipment's label and re-shipping an order?

Re-printing a shipment's label is for printing a copy of that same shipping label that you have already created. This will have the same tracking # and no fee for re-printing. This is great if you’ve lost a label.

Re-shipping an order requires creating an entirely new shipment, and thus a different tracking # and you'll pay for the new label. This is useful if you need to re-ship to this customer. 

Re-printing a Shipping Label

When you are in the Shipments tab, simply select the shipment(s) that you would like to re-print. Click the Print button and select "Labels." 

Re-shipping an Order

To re-ship an order, and thus create a brand new label for that order, first go to the Orders tab. Here, you’ll select the Shipped status on the sidebar and find the orders you wish to re-ship and select them. Then, click the Create Label(s) button. 

Once you finish generating the new labels, you'll notice that if you search for the order # in your Shipments screen, it will display as many times as you have shipped that order.

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