Why aren't my Amazon customers receiving shipment notification emails?

In order to comply with Amazon's terms of service, ShipStation does not email shipment (or delivery) notifications for any order placed through Amazon that contains an email address ending in "marketplace.amazon.com."

This also applies to Amazon orders that are imported through other channels such as Stitch Labs, Channel Advisor, or CSV file. Any order that contains an email address ending in "marketplace.amazon.com" will not receive a shipment notification from ShipStation when the order is shipped. These customers should be receiving an email from Amazon when the shipment information is sent back to Amazon indicating the order has shipped.

Emails other than shipment notifications can still be sent for these orders using automation rules or sending a manually generated return label; however, your customer is not likely to receive these emails because any email sent to an email address ending in "marketplace.amazon.com" will be tracked by Amazon and will need to pass through Amazon's filters.

To email a return label PDF to email addresses ending in "marketplace.amazon.com" via ShipStation's Email a Return Label feature, "tracking@shipstation.com" must be added as an approved sender in Amazon Seller Central.

All users should still check with Amazon regarding which types of emails are allowed according to Amazon Terms of Service.

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