How can I automatically update my stores' orders?

While we recommend that whenever you login to ShipStation, you manually update your stores' to make sure that you have the most recent information, you can automate the majority of this process so that it happens "behind the scenes." This is especially useful for larger stores or infrequent manual updates.

Automatic Store Updating is a feature that allows your store(s) to be kept more up to date without the need to “Update” the store manually. While this feature will help to keep your stores more current, manually updating the store is still recommended to make sure you’re working with the most current order data.

In order to keep the most time-intensive stores up to date, stores are scored based on historical statistics that reflect how much time the next update is predicted to take. The most time intensive and out of date stores will take priority and allow for subsequent manual updates to take less time.

Automatic updates are constantly occurring as our servers have idle processing time. We enforce minimum time thresholds and other measures to ensure that no store constantly receives priority over others. This means that your store will not be accurate up to the minute at all times. Using the “Update all Stores” button is still recommended to make sure you’re up to date before processing orders.


Follow these steps to enable automatic store updating:

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Selling Channels and then Store Setup from the sidebar on the left.

Here, select Edit for whichever store(s) that you'd like to have update automatically, and then check the box next to "Allow this store to "auto-update" periodically?"

Once you click Save Changes, the store will update on a regular basis. Again, before you process orders, we do recommend that you manually update your stores/marketplaces to make sure that you are working with the most recent order data.

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