What are order tags? How are they useful?

Order Tags are simply color coded labels that are meaningful to you. Any number of tags can be added to a single order. Some of examples of tags you might create are:

  • High Priority
  • Fragile Items
  • Back Ordered
  • Insure

There are multiple ways that tags can be added to orders:

1) Tags can be added to an order manually by using the “Tags” menu in the orders screen.

2) Tags can be added to orders by the products they contain. For instance, if product X was tagged with “Fragile” and Product Y was tagged with “Insure”, an order that contained both products would be tagged as “Fragile” and “Insure”.

3) Tags can be added using Automation Rules. Using an order filter, you might create a rule that adds the “Insure” tag to any order that is greater than $100 in value that is shipping internationally.

​All order tags are automatically included in the “Order Views”. If you expand the “Awaiting Shipment” view and then expand the “Filters” node, you will see all of your order tags. Selecting a specific order tag will show all orders that are “Awaiting Shipment” that currently have the selected tag.

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