How can I export data from my orders?

The following video shows you how to export specific order or shipment data from ShipStation into a CSV spreadsheet format. (If the video below doesn't show, you can watch it here.)

You can also create custom exports of your orders or shipments that can export only the fields you need. 

First, on either the Orders or the Shipments page, select "Export Orders."

Here, you can select which orders you'd like exported. Choose either the selected orders or all in that view. 

Now, you can create a New Format. This will let you customize the data that is on the export, which you can save for later use. Click Create a new Format.

This will open a new window where you will customize your export. Name your export, and select from the Available Fields on the left side. Use the arrows to move the fields to and from the Export, and you can use the little edit icon to edit the name of the column header.

When you are finished, click Save Export Format. 

To use this export, just select it from the Export Formats and click Export. You'll see a pop up in the top right that the file is preparing, and then the file will begin downloading.

You can also do this for Order Item information from the Orders tab, as well as Shipped Order information and Shipped Items information exports from the Shipments tab.

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