What should I do about the "Recent changes to this order failed to save properly" warning?

As you edit orders within ShipStation, you may notice a warning message in the Order Sidebar saying:

"Recent changes to this order failed to save properly"

The message will display on a red background, and the row that corresponds to that order will also turn red in the orders grid. Here's a screenshot of what that looks like:

It's possible that ShipStation could not save the changes because the saving process timed out. You're able to click the Retry button to see if your changes will stick with another attempt. 

The more likely scenario is that the order was modified with one or more incorrect types of information. For example, if a special character is entered in a field that only wants numbers, this message will display. If you look over your order information and can find the problem field(s), you can make the corrections, and click the Retry button. You also have the option of clicking the Discard Changes button, which will revert the order back to the way it was before the red warning appeared.

You're still able to create a shipping label with this warning present on the order; however, it's best if you clear it so you can be sure the accurate information gets passed to the carrier.
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