How do I create a pick list?

Pick Lists are great because they'll let you know what quantity of items will be needed to fulfill one or more orders.

ShipStation makes it really easy to create a pick lists from several locations throughout the web app. Typically, you'll have the option to create a pick list wherever you have the option to print!

For example, select one or more orders on the Orders tab, click Print in the action bar, and then choose Pick List.

There are similar options available on the Order Sidebar ...

in the Label Batch Status pop-up ...

... and a couple other places!

You've got a few customization options available to you as well, and they're all available by going to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the top right), clicking Printing, then Printing Setup, looking for the Pick List row, and then clicking on the Document Options. You should see a window like this:

You'll find an overview of the different options below.

Summarize by
Groups pick list items according to unique SKUs and/or unique names. Summarizing by SKU is recommended, but if you're not using SKUs, try summarizing by name instead.

Order Items by
Sorts the items within the pick list itself. You can sort by sku, name, number of items, or warehouse location.

Product Images
Checking this box will place available product images alongside each item.

Order Number(s)
Checking this box puts an indicator on each pick list item that says which order (or orders) contained that line item.

Product SKU
Using the alias feature to have orders for one sku to count as another sku? Check this box so that the linked product sku displays instead of the original sku. 

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