What is Shipsurance?

Shipsurance is the discount shipping insurance provider that's integrated into ShipStation. You don't need to sign up for a Shipsurance account, since it comes with your ShipStation subscription!

Using Shipsurance in ShipStation is as simple as selecting "Shipsurance Discount Insurance" when you create a shipping label-- the credit card used for your ShipStation subscription will be used for the cost of the Shipsurance. And if you ever need to file an insurance claim with Shipsurance, you can easily start that process within ShipStation. 

Check out our Shipsurance partner page for more about the insurance rates and features available! You'll also want to refer to Shipsurance's Terms and Conditions so that you're aware of any restrictions or special requirements. Also, you can use Shipsurance on shipments with ship dates in the future, as long as you're creating the label within 48 hours of that ship date. 

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