Why aren't all of my items showing up on my customs form?

When you have an order that's shipped internationally, the customs form may be limited in the number of line items that can display. For carriers like Express 1, this limit is usually five; however, other carriers may have a lower limit. If you have an order with multiple items over the limit, you will need to consolidate these before your customs form will print properly (or print at all).

To do this, first go to your Orders screen. Then, find the order for which you need to edit the customs form information and open its Order Details pop-up by either double-clicking its row or single-clicking its order number.

Here, scroll down to the Customs Declarations section to see the individual line items.

Next, consolidate the listings of your items (e.g. account for your sold t-shirts in a general "T-shirt" listing then use the Trash Can icon to delete any unnecessary "T-shirt" listings) so that you meet the line items limit (usually five).

Once your customs line items have been consolidated, you can close out of the Order Details pop-up.

Now, your customs form should print with all the necessary information while staying within the carrier's customs forms limits.

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