What is a Ship From Location?

In ShipStation, shipping origin address information is paired with return address information and saved as a "Ship From Location." The return address information typically displays prominently on a shipping label, and the origin address information is used to calculate shipping rate quotes. Ship From Locations are used for a variety of purposes beyond just getting rate quotes. Many users have multiple Ship From Locations for a single warehouse to differentiate between selling channels and various branding purposes. There is no limit on the number of Ship From Locations you can have in your account and this is the same for all plan levels. 

It's easy to set up and manage your Ship From Locations:

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Shipping and then Ship From Locations from the sidebar on the left.

Select to edit a specific Ship From Location, or Add a Ship From Location to create a new one.

It's best to fill in every field when editing these address details. Some fields are required so that certain services work properly. For example, UPS requires Origin Street 1, Origin City, Origin State, Origin Postal Code, and Origin Country in order to return accurate rate quotes. 

Feel free to create multiple Ship From Locations if you have multiple origin or return addresses. Remember that you can only enter shipping origin addresses that match the country of origin you selected when you signed up for a ShipStation account. If you have multiple Ship From Locations, you can set a default, or select a particular Ship From Location on a per-order basis while you choose shipping options, or use automation rules to apply a particular Ship From Location to some or all incoming orders.

When you're done either creating a Ship From Location or editing one, remember to Save Changes. 

Note: If you have Ship From Locations based in different countries, you will have to set up a ShipStation account for each country you will be shipping from. Currently we have support for Ship From Locations based in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. 

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