How do I adjust the layout of my Orders page?

On the Orders page in ShipStation, you can adjust the layout to include widgets in one or two lower panes to help you multitask. In the top right corner, there’s a Layout dropdown menu that allows you to choose between viewing your orders page as a Full Grid, Single Lower Pane, and Double Lower Pane

The Full Grid layout is the default view, and the Lower Pane options will open up one or more sections of the Orders tab, which you can fill with the following widgets:

Open Batches - Shows orders contained in each batch, separated by tabs
Items Ordered - Shows a list of items ordered from each order selected in the grid
Order Alerts - Shows a list of Unread Order Alerts with the option to action or dismiss them

The Open Batches widget lets you see all the orders in a batch, without leaving the Orders screen! If you have two panes, you can even load both of them up with Open Batch widgets, set them to view different batches, and drag and drop orders between them.

The Items Ordered widget shows you an order-by-order item summary for all the orders you’ve selected. This list displays order information Order Summary style, as opposed to the Pick List style that the Order Sidebar uses.

The Order Alerts widget will display your combine order alerts, as well as any alerts you’ve set up using Automation Rules. If you’re constantly checking your alerts, this widget should save you several clicks!

You’re able to drag a pane’s top border to make them taller or shorter, and you can click on the little arrow tab on the top border to quickly collapse or expand the pane as needed.

If using two panes, you can drag the border between them to the left or right. Don’t forget that you can hide both sidebars on the left and right, if you need to make some horizontal space!

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