What is the character limit for item options?

The character limit for item options is 200 characters, which is the same limit for product descriptions as well. 

Typically, this is enough space for basic product options such as color or material type. However, in cases where you have a bundle product with several options that make up the package, the 200 character limit may not provide enough space for your current marketplace setup. 

The best workaround for this scenario is to remove unnecessary characters within your bundle product's listing in the marketplace. For example, if you sell a brownie bundle product where a customer can choose 10 different flavors per bundle:

Flavor 1: Toffee
Flavor 2: Almond
Flavor 3: Dark Chocolate
Flavor 4: Fudge
Flavor 5: Mint Chocolate
Flavor 6: Caramel
Flavor 7: Marshmallow
Flavor 8: Chocolate Chip
Flavor 9: White Chocolate
Flavor 10: Espresso

The item options example above sums up to 210 characters, and the last 10 characters will get cut off when importing the product into ShipStation.

One way to save space is to remove "Flavor" from each item option except for the first one. Please note this configuration must be adjusted in the marketplace. Your settings should then look something like the following:

Flavor 1: Toffee
2: Almond
3: Dark Chocolate
4: Fudge
5: Mint Chocolate
6: Caramel
7: Marshmallow
8: Chocolate Chip
9: White Chocolate
10: Espresso

In this example, by removing the repeating text "flavor", you save up to 54 characters. While this process for editing item options in your marketplace will vary depending on your marketplace and product, reducing the item option text will help you to import all that you need to import into ShipStation.

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