What should I do if I can't print?

If you're having trouble printing documents from ShipStation, we definitely want to help! (Trouble with ShipStation Connect? Try these troubleshooting steps first.)

Issues with printers or the printing process are best resolved over the phone, during a screensharing session with one of our printer specialists. So if you haven't done so already, please open a Support Case or Live Chat with your system information, phone number, and some good times for us to call. A printer specialist will be in touch as soon as possible.

Until we are able to reach out, it's important to remember that ShipStation is able to create PDF versions of shipping labels, packing slips, customs forms, End of Day forms, and other kinds of documents. For example, while the physical print job for a shipping label might have failed, a PDF version of that label was still generated in ShipStation, and is available to print from the Shipments tab. As long as you're able to download these PDFs, and open them up in your computer's PDF viewer, then you should be able to print your documents that way.

For a detailed walkthrough of printing PDF labels from the Shipments page, follow the steps below:

  1. ​Go to Shipments, and check the boxes for any labels that need to be printed.
  2. Click on Print in the action bar, and then click and hold the "Labels" option for about 1 second. This will override your ShipStation "Print To" settings and open a Print menu. (If Click & Hold isn't opening the Print Menu, change your "Print To" settings to "Always Prompt" as shown here, and then try this step again with a regular click.)
  3. Select the Print menu's Download a PDF option, and this will trigger a PDF file download. Your browser usually puts files like this in a 'Downloads' folder, but keep track of where it goes in case it ends up somewhere different!
  4. Open the PDF file in your PDF viewer, and select File and then Print within your PDF viewer.
  5. Within your PDF viewer's Print dialog, make sure you have the correct printer and paper size, and then click Print. Your shipping labels should come out!

You can easily adapt the steps above in order to get a PDF version of any ShipStation document. If your printer cannot properly print PDF files, that's a sign that you're having a printer issue that is unrelated to ShipStation. We're happy to help with those kinds of problems as well, since anything preventing you from printing a ShipStation label is a problem we want to help you solve.

Once you get connected with one of our printer specialists on the phone, they'll want to share screens with you using TeamViewer (It's available for both Windows and Mac). We look forward to streamlining your printing process!

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