Which thermal printers are compatible with ShipStation?

ShipStation is compatible with almost any 4" x 6" thermal label printer or 8.5" x 11" laser printer via USB.

Makes of thermal printers we've found work well are Rollo, DYMO, and Zebra. Below are links to set up articles for each that we have found work well with ShipStation to print shipping labels, particularly with ShipStation Connect. 

Windows Mac
Rollo Rollo
Zebra Zebra


Each offers different strengths, and while any supported USB model that prints 4x6 labels will work with ShipStation, it's important to find the best option for your business needs. 

The DYMO 4XL printer is an economical printer that's a breeze to set up. DYMOs also have a little notch in between each label that is used to calibrate the printer between each label's print job. Keep in mind, though, that you MUST use DYMO-approved rolls. If they don't have the perforation in the upper corner between each label, the labels will not print out properly. 

The ROLLO Heavy-Duty Direct Thermal Printer is priced at a similar price point as the DYMO 4XL, and while it doesn't have the same misaligning-proof paper that DYMO does, it has the benefit of allowing fanfold labels. Fanfold labels are beneficial because they are wildly less expensive than a rolled labels.  Just feed the stack of labels through the back of the printer, and it'll feed them through. And while Rollo doesn't have a hold the labels inside the printer, they do offer a tray to hold fanfold labels in.  

Zebra is also a great option, particularly if you're a higher-volume user. A preferred model is the Zebra GK420d. While Zebra printers have a more involved setup process and carry a slightly higher price tag than the Rollo and DYMO options, they more than make up for it in a high level of customization and powerful and precise printing. Zebra printers also support both fanfold and rolls of labels. 

Thermal printers are worth the investment. If you're printing labels in a high capacity, they can return the initial cost much more quickly than a lower-priced laser printer will. If you have any questions about which model printer you think would work best for your business needs, we'll gladly help you find the best solution for your business needs! Just give us a shout! 

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