Where can I find my customs forms?

Although we can submit your customs forms (a.k.a. "Commercial Invoices") for you electronically for UPS and FedEx, you may wish to view them later on.

For USPS, the customs information is printed directly on the label. As a note, USPS does require that any territory (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.) or military address include customs forms, even though these are technically domestic orders. Luckily, ShipStation generates both an international label and customs forms for shipments going to these types of addresses.

FedEx and UPS customs forms are available by clicking on the PDF icons in the "Forms" column of your Shipments screen.


(If you don't see the "Forms" column, adjust your columns using the menu to the top right of the Shipments grid. Then, simply drag the "Forms "column to a convenient location.)

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