What does the "Non-delivery option not set for International Order" error mean?

When shipping international orders, you will need to set your customs declarations for your order items, and also set up your non-delivery option so your carrier knows what to do if the order is unable to be delivered.
If you see the error message “Non-Delivery option not set for International Order” when you try to ship a package, then you need to set your non-delivery option for this shipment. You can either return the shipment to the sender, or treat is as an abandoned shipment.
To do this, go to the Orders tab and double-click the order number that corresponds to the International Order that needs the Non-delivery option set.

In the Order Details pop-up, look for the Customs Declaration section near the bottom.

Then, select your option from the Non-Delivery Instructions dropdown menu and click the X to close out the popup. Now you should be able to process your shipment as usual.

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