How do I change my default print settings on Mac OSX using CUPS?

To edit the default settings for a printer on a Mac, you must edit your CUPS (Apple's printing software) settings. CUPS is an open-source printing system that allows you to set up a printer on a Mac. 

Before we get started, make sure that you have already installed your label printer on your computer. Please follow these articles for instructions on how to set up your printer with ShipStation:

First, open Terminal from the Spotlight Search in the upper righthand corner on the Menu Bar of your computer screen. and type a command to enable the CUPS web interface. If you did not receive the web interface error, click here to continue the CUPS setup.


In Terminal, copy and paste the following command into Terminal, then press Return on your keyboard:

cupsctl WebInterface=yes

Terminal will update with the following highlighted information:

Now, type the following link into your browser's address bar:


On the page that appears, click on the label printer whose default settings are being edited. For this example, we are configuring the Zebra LP 2844:

On the next page, click the Administration drop down menu and choose Set Default Options.

If a popup Authentication Required appears, enter your computer's admin user credentials since this impacts all users on the computer.

(If the password has been forgotten, you MUST contact Apple support. They can be reached at: 1-800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753).)

Once your admin credentials have been entered, you should see the General Options. Change Media Size to "4.00x6.00" and click Printer Settings at the top. Do not click Set Default Options just yet

On Printer Settings, adjust the Darkness and Print Rate as such:

Darkness: 25
Print Rate: 2 inches/sec.

Then click Set Default Options.

Congratulations, you're done! You should now see a message similar to the image below.

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