Why are some of my WooCommerce orders missing?

There has been an upgrade to the WooCommerce extension, we highly recommend upgrading your WooCommerce and WooCommerce - ShipStation extension. Check out this article for how to upgrade. This article is specific to the previous extension (Any version under WooCommerce - ShipStation plugin version 4.0).

The most common reason that WooCommerce orders are not importing into ShipStation is that the Order Status or Shipping Method is not configured to export. 

To investigate further, first log into WooCommerce and check the missing order's Order Status. In the example below, the status is set to Pending:


Then check the Shipping Method, which is set to Flat Rate:

In order to be sure that WooCommerce is exposing orders with the configured status and shipping method, navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings.

Select the Integrations tab.

Scroll down to the Export area:

You'll notice that in correlation with our order example above, the Pending status is not set to export and neither is the Flat Rate shipping method. You must update both or change your order details to import the order into ShipStation.

Additionally, if you are exporting the appropriate status, but the order still does not import into ShipStation, be sure that the status is mapped to import into ShipStation. For more information on how to configure custom statuses, see this article.

If your WooCommerce order is still missing, please reach out to our support team and provide the following information on your oldest missing order (and your WooCommerce setup):

Order #
Order Date
Order Status
Shipping Method
Screenshot of WooCommerce Order Details
Screenshot of ShipStation Export Settings in WooCommerce
Version Numbers for WordPress, the WooCommerce Plugin, and the WooCommerce-ShipStation Plugin 

It may be that your order's date range is no longer being imported, which our support team can diagnose.

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