How can I disable coupons and discounts from importing into ShipStation from my Magento Store?

This requires your Magento ShipStation extension to be 1.3.22 or higher. 

If you don't want your coupons and discounts to import into ShipStation from Magento, no problem! This is something you can disable in your Magento Admin. 

Just login to Magento, and go to System and select Configuration in the drop-down. 

Next, find the ShipStation section and click General Settings

Click the small arrow to make the settings show up.

Here, you'll see various settings for ShipStation. One of them is "Import Discounts".

Set this to "no" if you do not want Discounts imported into ShipStation, and be sure to Save Config in the top right. 

You can adjust other options here as well, like your Item Options, and price you see in ShipStation. 

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