How do I connect my Eleventh Avenue Store to ShipStation?

Connecting your Eleventh Avenue store (formerly GroopDealz) to your ShipStation account is super easy! Just follow the steps below:

First, login to your Eleventh Avenue account here.

Then, click Shipping on the left. You should see a ShipStation tile located underneath Ship with one of our partners. Please click on the ShipStation tile

After clicking the ShipStation tile, Eleventh Avenue will display your automated Username and Password  in a new window. These credentials are what you will need to connect your store to ShipStation. 

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Selling Channels and then Store Setup from the sidebar on the left.

Click the Connect a Store or Marketplace button and choose the Eleventh Avenue tile

Paste your autogenerated Username and Password from Eleventh Avenue into the appropriate fields. Please note that these are NOT your primary Eleventh Avenue login credentials.

Now click Test Connection in ShipStation to see if the steps you followed worked correctly. If successful, click Finish to make your store active in ShipStation! Then, you’ll be prompted to fill out your store settings in ShipStation.

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