How do I connect my MivaMerchant 9 store to ShipStation?

Please follow these instructions to set up your Miva Merchant 9 store in ShipStation:

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Selling Channels and then Store Setup from the sidebar on the left.

2. Select the Miva Merchant logo.
3. Download the ShipStation Miva module from the provided link.
4. Log into Miva Merchant 9 Admin panel
5. From the Dashboard, click Modules:

6. Click the "+" at the top right-hand side of the screen:

7. Click the "UPLOAD" button and find the shipstation.mvc file saved on your computer
8. Click "+ Add" to upload the file to your Miva site

Activating the module for the Miva Store
1. To activate the module, click on Order Fulfillment in the Miva 9 Dashboard

2. At the top, click Add/Remove Modules
3. If installed correctly, the ShipStation Integration Script will be in the Available Modules section. Click on Install to activate the plugin.

4. Next you will have to select the ShipStation Settings you wish to have when importing Products.

This option tells the module which field in Miva 9 you would like to import into ShipStation as the ProductID. The ProductID uniquely identifies each item in ShipStation. 

Warehouse Location: 
This setting allows you to set a Miva 9 field to export as the warehouse location to ShipStation. The warehouse location is usually a container or bin number that specifies a location in your warehouse. These fields are helpful for picking/packing orders and can appear on packing slips printed in ShipStation.
Completing the Installation in ShipStation

Once the module has been activated, return to your ShipStation account and enter the required information. The username and password are the admin credentials for your Miva Merchant 9 store.

URL to Store modules folder:

The module URL can be in several different formats depending on your Miva configuration. They will typically be in one of the following formats:

Store Code:
1. The store code is located under the Store Settings in the Dashboard
2. Look under the Identification box at the top of the Store Settings Page. There you will find your Store Code for Miva.
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