How do I import a bundle's products from my Magento store into ShipStation?

By default, the Magento extension will only import a bundle or kit into ShipStation, but you can enable a setting in your Magento admin panel that will allow the bundle/kit's components to import into ShipStation in addition to the bundle/kit. Please note that there's no option to import the bundle/kit's components instead of the bundle/kit.

When you're ready to enable the option to import a bundle/kit along with all of its components, log in to Magento, go to System, and select Configuration in the drop-down. 

Next, find the ShipStation section and click General Settings

Click the small arrow to make the settings show up.

Once you do that, look for the setting called "Import Child Products" and set it to Yes.

Don't forget to click Save Config in the top right, and you're all set! Going forward, your newly imported orders will contain both the bundle/kit's components along with a record of the bundle itself.
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