How do I control the currency type that imports from my Magento store into ShipStation?

Magento stores allow you to accept different currencies, but will auto-convert them to a designated base currency. If your base currency is set to US Dollars, it's best to adjust a setting in your Magento admin panel to ensure that ShipStation is always getting currency in US Dollars. This is useful because ShipStation doesn't have the capability to convert currency. It's a good idea to check this setting if any imported prices or paid amounts seem off.

To locate the "Price export type" setting, log in to Magento, go to System, and select Configuration in the drop-down. 

Next, find the ShipStation section and click General Settings

Click the small arrow to make the settings show up.

Once you do that, look for the setting called "Price export type" and make sure it's set to the option that corresponds to US Dollars. This is most likely the Base Price option, so switch to it if you're a US based business and you've had currency issues.

Don't forget to click Save Config in the top right, and you're all set! The Magento extension should be exporting prices properly now, and you'll see improvement in future orders that import into ShipStation.
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