How do I customize my e-mail templates?

In ShipStation, you have the ability to customize both your packing slips and e-mail templates that are sent to your customers. It's easy to edit these templates and create new ones for each of your stores. Then, you can even set up your stores or automation rules to use specific templates for certain circumstances.

*Please note that we are unable to send Shipment or Delivery Notification e-mails Rakuten/ orders (due to API restrictions), nor can we send these emails to Amazon encrypted email addresses (which end in ""). Furthermore, any e-mails that we send through ShipStation will be in addition to any that may be sent through your store.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Templates and then Email Templates from the sidebar on the left.

From here, decide if you want to work on either Shipment Notification email templates or Delivery notification email templates, by selecting the appropriate sub-tab.


Then, choose to either create a new email template or copy/modify an existing one. No matter which option you choose, a window will then display with the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor where you can customize your e-mail. On the right side of the window are "Field Replacements," where you can choose to use fields (much like in a mail merge) to dynamically generate the right content, like Order Numbers and Tracking Numbers.

There are a couple field attributes that you can use to hide certain elements of your item list, if you wish.

Hiding the SKUS:
Add "NOSKU" to the [Item List] field: ex. [Item List NOSKU]

Hiding free items:
Add "HIDEZERO" to the [Item List] field: ex. [Item List HIDEZERO]

Adding Product Pictures:
Add "IMAGES" to the [Item List] field: ex. [Item List IMAGES]

Adding Item Options:
Add "SHOWOPTIONS" to the [Item List] field: ex. [Item List SHOWOPTIONS]

Add Master SKU: 
Add "Product SKU" to [Item List] field: ex. [Item List ProductSku] 
Adding Unit Cost:
Add "SHOWCOST" to the [Item List] field: ex. [Item List SHOWCOST]

Use eBay Item ID instead of SKU:
Add "NOSKU EXTERNALID" to the [Item List] field: ex. [Item List NOSKU EXTERNALID]

You can also combine the attributes. For instance, if you want to hide both free items and product SKUs, simply add both attributes to the Item List field: ex. [Item List NOSKU HIDEZERO].

Once you're done writing your e-mail template, you can now choose to send yourself a test e-mail. Just make sure you save your changes before closing out the window. Now, you have a customized e-mail you can send to your customers!

For additional HTML-based edits, you can head to this Knowledge Base Article

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