How can I add order information to my label messages?

When you print your shipping labels, you have the option of adding up to three 26-character messages to them. (Please note that UPS international labels do not support label messages.) You have the choice of the following messages:

  • Order #
  • Store Company Name
  • Ship Date
  • Order Date
  • Sku #1
  • Sku #2
  • Sku #3
  • Product #1
  • Product #2
  • Product #3
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Notes from Buyer
  • Custom Field #1
  • Custom Field #2
  • Custom Field #3
  • Fill Sku #1
  • Fill Sku #2
  • Fill Sku #3
  • Warehouse Loc #1
  • Warehouse Loc #2
  • Warehouse Loc #3

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Printing and then Printing Setup from the sidebar on the left.

Once there, click on the Document Options for Labels. 

Look for the "Label Messages" section, like you see in the picture below.

If you wish to put static, custom text on every shipping label (meaning that it won't change per label), you can simply write in whatever you wish, and it will display on your labels.

When you've finished customizing your labels, make sure to click the Save Changes button.

Please note that some carriers and services do not support custom label messages including (but not limited to) UPS Mail Innovations and FedEx SmartPost.

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