How do I list each of my item options on their own line in my packing slips?

If you sell items that have multiple attributes (say, color & size), you have probably noticed that they are separated by commas on your packing slip. If you want to have these separated so that each are on their own line, just follow the instructions below.

Please note that you must be on a Silver or above plan to customize your packing slip and basic familiarity with HTML coding is recommended.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Templates and then Packing Slips from the sidebar on the left.

 Either copy or edit an existing template, and click on the Order Items grey bar to open up that section.

Now, simply add the words "Without Replacement" to the "[Item Options]" field like you see below.

Remember to Save, and that's it!

Now, whenever you have item options on your products, they'll be separated onto different lines like you see below.

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