How can I assign a specific e-mail template/packing slip to an order?

After you've created customized e-mail templates or packing slips, it's easy to assign the e-mail template to a specific order.

Please note that you must be on a Silver or above plan to customize your packing slip, though the instructions below will still work for your custom e-mail templates.

In the app, click on the Orders tab and then find the order that needs a specific packing slip or email template assigned. Click the order number to open up the Order Details screen, and then look for the Order Templates section on the lower right side of that screen.

Here you can choose a specific packing slip and/or e-mail template for the order by simply choosing it from the appropriate dropdown menu.

Once you've done that, close the Order Details screen, and you're all set!

Please note that you can't use ShipStation to send confirmation emails for your Amazon, Rakuten/ These companies don't allow us to send confirmation emails for their orders, so you would have to edit those e-mail confirmation settings in your respective marketplace accounts.

*You can still change these options at the store level-- that's an easier way to change template assignments in bulk. It's just that a specific assignment on the order level will override a general assignment at the store level.

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