How do I select a specific postage provider for a USPS service?

When you have multiple providers for the same carrier's service, ShipStation will only display the lowest cost option by default. This basically affects USPS services, because there are multiple providers that resell postage for the same exact USPS service.

If you want ShipStation to display a full list of USPS services for each postage provider, look for the small gear next to service selection dropdown menus throughout the interface.

If you click this gear, you can choose "Carrier" (only displays the lowest cost option for a carrier's service) or "Postage Provider" (displays the full list of services for each provider).

Choosing "Postage Provider" is a good option if you have a remaining balance on a particular Postage Provider that you're trying to use up-- or if you just have a personal preference!

Be sure to make the selection that meets your needs. Keep in mind that ShipStation also has USPS automatic rate selection options that it uses when creating a shipping label. You can find out about editing that setting here.

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