Does ShipStation have any hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts?

ShipStation has many key commands available to help you navigate the Orders tab more efficiently, as well as dozens of configurable preset options for applying shipping settings.

Keep in mind that all of these hotkeys are also available as Barcode Scan Actions. For steps on how to print out these actions as barcodes, head over to this support article!

(Many of these presets and hotkeys will display an indicator when they're triggered. If you wish to disable this feature, you can follow the steps here.) 

Order Navigation

Key Command Action
Select next row in order grid
Select previous row in order grid
Shift + Click  Select multiple order rows
Ctrl + Click Toggle row selection
Ctrl + Shift + S Barcode Search
In Order Details pop-up, view the next order 
In Order Details pop-up, view the previous order
 Esc In Order Details pop-up, close the pop-up

Applying Shipping Settings

You can map any combination of the options below to Ctrl + any number or letter! For more on that process, check out our dedicated Shipping Preset support article.

Key Command Action
Configurable Set Carrier and Service type
Configurable Set Package type
Configurable Set Delivery Confirmation type
Configurable Set Shipment weight
Configurable Set Shipment package dimensions
Configurable Set Insurance type

Advanced Hotkeys

Advanced Hotkeys expedites workflow by giving an even greater number of keyboard shortcuts. Since these hotkeys are enabled on a per-user basis, make sure it's turned on here.

Shipping Orders

Key Command Action
u Update all stores
n Create new order
v View Order Details window
w Read weight from scale
r Get rate
q Toggle QuickShip
s Create label (Ship order)
*Quickship must be enabled to produce the label with this hotkey
c Show Rate Calculator
b Create new batch
o then r Reload Orders grid
p then b Process the currently open batch


Printing Documents

Key Command Action
p then s Print Packing Slip
p then l Print Pick List
o then s Print Order Summary



Key Command Action
g then o Go to Orders
g then s Go to Shipments
then f Go to Shipments> Fulfillments
g then r Go to Shipments> Returns
g then b Go to Shipments> Batches
g then e Go to Shipments> End of Day
g then k Go to Shipments> Pickup
g then p Go to Products
g then i Go to Products> Inventory
g then c Go to Customers 
g then a then m Go to Account Setings
g then a then s Go to Store Setup Settings
g then a then c Go to Carriers & Fulfillement Settings
g then a then p Go to Print Setup Sesttings
g then a then n Go to ShipStation Connect Settings 
g then then b Go to Subscription Setting


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