How do I adjust the size and quality of my store logo?

Several factors affect the size and quality of store logos, once they are uploaded to ShipStation. Since your logo can appear on ShipStation emails (and shipping labels and packing slips, too, for Silver-level subscribers and above) and affect your customers' perception of your brand, we want to help you exert control on you logo quality and size whenever possible.

The most important thing you can do is upload a high quality version of your logo. We recommend:

  • PNG or JPG file format
  • 300 pixels wide
  • White or solid-colored background (no transparency)

From there, you may have additional options based on which type of document still needs the adjusting: emails, shipping labels, or packing slips. Please note that some of the customization options require basic familiarity with HTML.

Logos in ShipStation Emails

By default, the store logo displays in an email exactly as it is uploaded- logo size and quality will be untouched. If your store logo appears larger that it needs to be, It's possible to re-upload a smaller size image (between 75 and 175 pixels wide); however, this can negatively impact the quality of the image on shipping labels and packing slips.

We recommend making a small edit to the HTML code of your email templates to resize the image as it appears within the email itself (this won't affect the appearance of the logo anywhere else).

To get started, open the HTML source code editor for your email template.

Now, locate the following code at the top of your editor...


    <img src="">

... and replace it with the code below:


    <img width="150" src="">

Notice that there's a new attribute (which I've highlighted in yellow) that defines how many pixels wide your store logo should be. I used width="150" in my example, but a value between 75 and 175 might be better, depending on your logo's proportions. Your editor should look something like this now:

Feel free to send yourself a test email, but don't forget to click Save within the email editor! Your test email should display a logo with a more reasonable size, and you always go back and adjust the width attribute as needed.

Logos on Shipping Labels

While any ShipStation account can enable branded shipping labels for the carriers and services that allow it, it's not possible to configure the size, placement, or quality of the store logo. Logos on shipping labels have default resizing applied to them, because our partners have strict requirements for shipping labels created using their API. 

Typically, logos on shipping labels have a max height of around one inch. Keep that in mind as you decide on the proportions of the logo you want to upload to ShipStation.

Logos on Packing Slips

By default, the Default 8.5" x 11" packing slip resizes the uploaded store logos by adding some extra code to the image source URL. If you have a Silver-level ShipStation subscription or higher, there are several ways to edit the packing slip HTML to address this resizing-- each with their own pros and cons. Please check over the options below, and decide on the implementation that will best suit your needs!

  • Default Store Logo Implementation
    Appearance in HTML: <img src="[Store Logo]"/>
    This code is part of the Default 8.5" x 11" packing slip, and it resizes the uploaded store logo to a max height of 80px and a max width of 300px. The logo's original proportions are preserved. This default resizing works in almost every case to maintain a balance of image quality and packing slip processing time; however you may need to try out one of the methods below if this default one makes your logo too fuzzy or pixellated.
  • Store Logo Implementation without Resizing
    Appearance in HTML: <img src="[Store Logo]"/>
    This code displays the uploaded store logo as it was uploaded to ShipStation. There will be no change to quality, size, or image proportions. Logos with large file sizes can negatively impact packing slip processing speed.
  • Store Logo Implementation with HTML Resizing (recommended for quality issues!!!)
    Appearance in HTML: <img width="150" src="[Store Logo]"/>
    This code displays the uploaded store logo at a width of 150 pixels. This uses HTML resizing, which preserves more quality than our default resizing, but doesn't change the file size. You can set the pixel width value to something other than 150, and the image's proportions will be maintained. Logos on the square side tend to look better with a width of 100, and rectangular logos usually look better with a width of 175 to 200. Logos with large file sizes can negatively impact packing slip processing speed.
  • Remotely Hosted Image Implementation without Resizing
    Appearance in HTML: <img src=""/>
    This code displays the a custom image hosted on server outside of ShipStation, with no change to its quality, size, or proportions. Packing slip processing speed will be impacted by the file size of the hosted image and the speed of the server hosting the image. This implementation isn't recommended for everyday use, but might be helpful if you need an additional or replacement image on your packing slip for special promotions.


Once you've settled on an implementation of your Store Logo image URL, copy the appropriate code, and paste it into your packing slip's HTML editor. Here's an example of what my packing slip editor looks like after I replaced the default store logo implementation with the code for 'Store Logo Implementation with HTML resizing'

Don't forget to Save your packing slip once you've replaced the unwanted image code with the code you want. Keep in mind that any adjustments made to your store logo in the packing slip editor will not affect your store logo's appearance in your emails or on your shipping labels!

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