How do I make the quantity on my packing slips stand out?

If you want the values on your Packing Slips to stand out more in order to streamline your packing process, you can increase their font size and make them bold! You'll just need to make a couple edits in our HTML packing slip editor. If you only want to do this for quantities of two or more, please check out this support article instead.

*Please note that you must be on a Silver or above plan to customize packing slip templates and basic familiarity with CSS coding is recommended.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Templates and then Packing Slips from the sidebar on the left.

This will show all packing slips you have created. Find the packing slip you would like to change and click "Edit." If you haven't created any yet, it'll be best to copy the default template. A window will then display with an HTML editor where you can create your packing slip.

Now that the editor is open, click on the Order Items section and find the following line of code: 


Then, highlight that line and replace it with the code below:


<td align="center"><span style="font-size:1.5em;font-weight:bold;">[Quantity]</span></td>


It should look like this in the editor (it's okay that it appears cut off, as long as you pasted all of the code above.)


​Download a sample of the template to view the change, and then Save if you like the result!

If you'd like to make the font size a little bigger, try using 'font size:1.75em' (basically +75% the default font size), but you can put in any number you like really. You can also remove the bold by deleting 'font-weight:bold;' from the code. Download samples until they look the way you want, but don't forget to save!

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