What does the "The request must contain the parameter Item.SellerSKU." mean?

When you attempt to get a rate for a fulfillment through our FBA integration, if you haven't input a Fulfillment or Seller SKU for the items in the order and the SKU doesn't match one in your FBA account, you will get the error message: "The request must contain the parameter Item.SellerSKU."

To fix this, you simply need to go click on the Product Details link on the Order Detail page.

These values need to be the SKUs associated with the products in your Amazon Seller Account. Fill in your Fulfillment SKU from Amazon for that specific product, and click Save Changes

You can also import all of your products with the new column “FillSku” filled out to be sure all of your products have valid SKUS for FBA. 

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