How do I fulfill my orders using Shipwire?

ShipStation allows you to integrate with Shipwire who picks, packs, and ships any of your orders, while ShipStation then updates the shipping information back to the respective sales platform. If you don't have a Shipwire account yet, feel free to learn more or sign up here.

This article assumes that you have set up a Shipwire fulfillment SKU for your products and added Shipwire as a provider. You can do this by clicking the Account Settings gear in the top right, selecting Carriers & Fulfillment, clicking Add a Provider Account, and choosing the Shipwire tile.  Next, enter your Shipwire Email Address and Password  to get connected. 

To process a Shipwire order, select the order you'd like to fulfill.

In the Shipping section, select the Ship From dropdown and choose "Shipwire."

Once you select Shipwire as the Provider, choose your desired Service type. In the future, you can configure service mappings and automation rules to populate a Shipwire service by default.

Once the provider and service are set, click "Get Rate", then Send Order(s). Please note that if you send the fulfillment with incorrect information or created the fulfillment in error, you have a limited amount of time to cancel the fulfillment. 

ShipStation then sends the order to Shipwire to fulfill, and moves it into Pending Fulfillment status.

To view the fulfillment status, head over to the Shipments page, then select the Fulfillments link.

We receive incremental updates from Shipwire regarding the order status, however, you can also select one or many orders and click Update Status(es) for the most up to date status.

Once the fulfillment updates as Shipped, ShipStation transmits the shipping information back to the original sales platform.

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