Why are postage fees displaying on my USPS labels?

By default, ShipStation provides hidden postage (hides postage paid) on USPS labels (click here to learn how to edit stealth postage setting on an order). However, if Carrier Insurance is added to a USPS shipment or is First Class Mail and package type "letter", the postage paid must remain on the label regardless of the postage provider (Express 1 or Stamps.com.)

In order to keep stealth postage, you must be sure to use Shipsurance instead of Carrier Insurance.

For more information, check out the Shipsurance blog article on the subject.

Express 1 has NSA (Negotiated Service Agreement) rates, so they are prohibited from displaying their rates on the labels. However, this rule is overridden by the USPS requirement to have postage shown on all labels that have carrier insurance added to them. Additionally, some countries (like Brazil) require postage to be displayed.

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