Why am I getting the error "FedEx: Account number is missing or invalid?"

When attempting to ship or get rates for FedEx SmartPost, you may come across this error:

"FedEx: Account number is missing or invalid."

This error means that FedEx has not completed processing your SmartPost account. You may be able to ship SmartPost via FedEx.com, but your FedEx account is still not approved for SmartPost on the FedEx API servers used by ShipStation.

When SmartPost is added to a FedEx account, there is a delay of 1-2 weeks before rating information is loaded on the FedEx API system used by ShipStation (and other third parties) to generate shipping labels.

You can contact your FedEx account manager to expedite this process, but it typically takes 2 weeks from the time your SmartPost account is approved.
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