Do my customs forms get transmitted electronically? (EDI, PLT & ETD)

ShipStation automatically submits your customs forms electronically for UPS (via Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI), DHL Express (Paperless Trade, or PLT) and FedEx (via Electronic Trade Documents, or ETD). The ETD and PLT features are enabled by default for FedEx and DHL users shipping through ShipStation. Though be mindful that certain restrictions will apply based on destination. UPS users must apply to UPS directly for this service, and once enabled on the UPS side, it will be enabled on the ShipStation side.

Electronic form submission then happens when you create the shipments for any orders that 1) require a customs form and 2) are being sent via either of these carriers. 

When you print your UPS labels, there will be "EDI" printed on them signifying that you've electronically submitted your customs forms.

Likewise, we will print a "ETD" on your FedEx labels where we've submitted your customs forms electronically. (If this is not here, you will need to print the forms and send them on the package.)



If you see INV instead of ETD then that means the customs information will not be transmitted electronically.


If this happens, you will need to manually generate your customs forms. It is possible EDI is not enabled on your account. Please see article Where Can I Find My Customs Forms? to find where to locate and print your forms. 

If you wish to have this transmitted electronically, reach out to UPS or FedEx to see what is needed to set this up.

DHL Express also transmits Customs Declarations electronically by default for all connected accounts depending on the destination country. These countries are listed here

If the country being shipped to supports Paperless Trade, then you don't need to print out the customs form. 

If paperless Trade is supported for a shipment, the label will look like this with a C-PLT (If PLT is not supported, PLT will not be present): 


Also, on the archive document that prints out with the label, you can see that it is listed on the Features/Services section.


If the label does not display PLT and the archive document does not list Paperless Trade below the Features/Services section, you will need to manually generate your customs forms. Please see article Where Can I Find My Customs Forms? to find where to locate and print your forms. 


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